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Get Started with Realize Theme for HubSpot

Thank you for choosing Realize theme.

Realize is a Hubspot CMS theme designed to be an effective tool for productive marketing teams. 

It is very easy to setup and learn how to create your unique pages and once you create your first two or three pages, everything else will be easy and enjoyable.



Get Started with Realize Theme for HubSpot

Realize Theme comes with three types of templates: 

- Langing and Website Page Templates

- Blog Post and Listing Page Templates

- System Page (Subscription Preferences, 404, etc.)


After installing theme all these templates should be available on your HubSpot portal. 

Blog Template

You can set blog template in Settings/Website/Blog/Templates. 

Blog Settings

System Pages

Settings/Website/Pages/System Pages

System Pages

Website/Landing Pages

Open Marketing/Website Pages or Marketing/Landing Pages and click Create and then choose one of the templates. 

How can I set Header and Footer?

All the page templates of Realize theme contain global Header and Footer that you can customize or just remove from specific pages. 

If you want to create a landing page with a unique header (of footer) you can remove global header/footer modules and add instead modules called Header Local or Footer Local.

How can I set menu?

You can set menu in a header (global or local module): 

Menu setup


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